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Our Story...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!


We are a top-notch French Bulldog breeder, located in Northern Kentucky, specializing in standard and exotic AKC French Bulldogs. All of our dogs are DNA health tested and cleared, color tested, and hand-raised in our home. (Yes, it definitely gets a little crazy around here sometimes but we love it and wouldn't trade it for the world!) ;)


So, here's how it all started...


When we purchased our first Frenchie we just wanted a pet and it was difficult for me to fathom spending that much money on a pet but my wife had fallen in love with him so I didn't have much of a choice! Five months later, we had fallen head over heels in love with the breed (there really is nothing like them!) and were toying with the idea of getting a female and breeding. 

As our first Frenchie was approaching his first birthday, his health started to deteriorate and so did his temperament. Let's just say he was a "genetic nightmare". We learned a lot from the challenges we faced with him and continued our research to better understand all of the potential health risks French Bulldogs could have. We decided, right then, that if we were going to begin breeding, we were going to make absolutely certain that we were breeding and producing French Bulldogs that were health tested and cleared so that no other family would have to watch their pup go through what our poor little guy did. (Don't worry, he resides with his grandma in Ohio now and he's her spoiled rotten sidekick!)

A bit of a backstory - My wife grew up on a farm where she helped her mother breed and whelp Golden Retrievers; she has been breeding for 20+ years now. Her mother is also an RVT with numerous other certifications and specializes in training puppies under 1 year of age; she makes a pretty awesome mentor! My wife and I also bred English Mastiffs for a few years so we thought, how different can it be? (If you know, you're probably laughing right now!) Breeding Frenchies is a heck of a lot harder and a heck of a lot more expensive than breeding either of these breeds but we were willing and eager to learn! After doing a ton of research, we decided to purchase our first female Frenchie (Bella) and another, health-cleared, male (Maverick). Since then, we have continued to travel around the country to find some of the healthiest and best quality dams and sires,  so that we can further ensure that our customers only receive well-bred puppies from us. 


Five years, many Frenchies, and many healthy, happy, hand-raised litters of puppies later, we decided to start offering reproduction services, as well. We have a full-service lab in our home and a mobile reproduction van that allows us to meet you where you're at. We offer services like progesterone testing, A.I., T.C.I., semen collection, semen analysis services, and more!


We look forward to serving your needs - whether it be finding a new furbaby or helping you to produce your own litters! 


~Bill & Courtney Toedter

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