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Available Adult Dogs
Pet and Guardian Home Dogs Available

You might be asking why we have decided to rehome these adults dogs, so we want to address that first...

Retired Adult Females

We only breed our females three times before we retire them and have them spayed. Because of this, they are still very young, usually 3-4 years old and have many years left ahead of them. As much as we love all of our dogs and would love to keep every one of them forever, we also recognize that they are one of many here in our home and we want more than that for them. Our hope for them is to become one of few or even be the only dog in a home where they can soak up most, if not all, of the attention for the rest of their years. :)

Guardian Home Adult Dogs

A Guardian Home is someone that will love and care for one of our dogs as their own pet but we maintain the breeding rights to that dog so that the dog can continue to be bred when needed. For this reason, these dogs would be completely intact (un-neutered) and must remain that way. We choose to place some of our adult breeding males in Guardian Homes so that they can also soak up extra love and attention. 

If you are interested in or considering welcoming one of our adult Frenchies into your home, please click here to complete our online application and we will contact you shortly! Thank you!

Please also read through the 3-3-3 rule on our application page as it is critical to consider when taking in an older dog.

*Please note - A rehoming fee will apply*

Adult Females Looking for New Homes

New home pending...

Adult Males Looking for Guardian Homes