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Past Litters

Charli x Viper

Blue, Blue pied, Blue & Tan, Blue Cryptic Merle Litter 

Viper and Charli produced a litter of 7 puppies together!

Bitty x Iceman

Blue & Tan Litter

Iceman and Bitty produced a litter of 4 together. 

    Charli x Maverick

    Blue, Blue Brindle, and Lilac Litter

    Charli and Maverick produced 6 puppies together! 


    Bitty x Maverick

    Blue & Tan Litter

    Bitty and Maverick produced a litter of 7 together. 

      Fallon x Iceman

      Blue & Tan Litter

      Fallon and Iceman produced 5 puppies together! 


      Cali x Goose

      Black & Tan, Cocoa & Tan, Lilac & Tan - Solids and Pieds

      Cali and Goose produced a litter of 8 together. 

        Reign x Fatboy

        Isabella & Tan Litter

        Reign and Fatboy produced 7 puppies together! 

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