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Breeding healthy, happy, hand-raised, quality, standard and exotic AKC French Bulldogs.

Canine reproduction services also available. 

Toedters Isle of Frenchies - Toedter Family

Welcome to Toedter's Isle of Frenchies!

Available and Coming Soon French Bulldog Puppies
Toedter's Isle of Frenchies K9 Dog Reproduction Services
Toedter's Isle of Frenchies French Bulldog Studs

We are always happy to meet in person or over FaceTime for you to pick out your puppy, personally deliver your puppy, bring our services to you, or ship live specimen to you!

Toedter's Isle of Frenchies' TellTail Scam Free Certification

Coming Soon...


Vanessa Ross

"I am a repeat customer for this company. I've visited their home, where they breed the pups. Bill and Courtney have researched and educated themselves on the process and are true professionals. They really understand specialty breeding, the science behind it, and don't cut any corners. They breed only the best, and give the best medical care to their dogs. They love these dogs like children, and the dogs are so well behaved and happy. They set you up when you purchase a puppy, take their time to make sure that your decision is best fit for you, and make sure that you are comfortable with everything. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them. Bill told me when I got my first Frenchie that I'd fall in love and would want another one. He was right! This year I added another Frenchie, of rare coloring, and it's been the best decision ever. I will never go to another breeder. I fully trust Bill and Courtney."

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